Rolling with it

Companies usually get all freaked out when the blogosphere says something negative about their product. But here's a model example of how you should deal with it.
<a href="">Factory City</a> writes about "<a href="">neat Mac apps that help you concentrate</a>". He writes about <a href="">Pzizz</a>, an application which he says is useful but expensive. Rather than enter into a debate justifying the arguably high price, Edward Laing from Pzizz <a href="">leaves a comment on the blog</a> giving Factory City readers a discount.
So here you have it. Great execution, Edward!
What do you do if you have a really crappy product and the blogosphere picks up on it? Sorry dude, there's no cure for a lousy product in the new economy. You may cheat us of a quick buck, but we communicate too fast for you to make a long-term career hoodwinking us.

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