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<a href="" title="National Day 2006 Photos"><img src="" width="240" height="160" alt="Boy at National Day Parade" class="img-right" /></a>On the way home from work the eve of National Day Raizan and I were talking about the housing options available to Singaporeans. It led to talk about en bloc – situations where private land developers buy out the residents living in an area in order to build something more upmarket there, usually condominiums. I casually mentioned that if such a situation came about and I was forced to sell my home, I'd probably migrate. I said that it made sense pragmatically, the money I'd receive from an en bloc sale would probably not get me anything similar in Singapore, but could afford a rather nice place almost anywhere else in the world. If I continued in my line of work I'd probably move to California, I said.
While I might have made sense from a pragmatic standpoint, the juxtaposition felt ideologically jarring.
There I stood, wearing red in observance of National Day, all set to attend the National Day parade the next day, seemingly ready to migrate at the drop of a hat. If I moved to another country, would that make me a quitter because I didn't stay?

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