A Giant Leap

You've spent your whole life jumping over puddles. More often than not, the puddles are easily cleared with a good hop. There've been times when you did not get the lift you needed; sometimes it was because you slipped just before you leapt, or the continual rain falling on your face distracted you. Your pair of white canvas school shoes, streaked grey, tell of those times.
The rain produces a multitude of small puddles, but it's the huge one in the middle that catches your eye. You want to jump it just to see if you can, because you're not quite sure. You don't even know how deep it is, and whether it'd just be your shoes that get wet should you fail.
You prime yourself for a running start, but stop short just before the edge. You now remember the weight of the schoolbag on your shoulders. Much as you'd like to put the bag down to give yourself a chance, placing the bag on the sodden ground would most certainly land you a whipping when you get home.
You glance at the large puddle one more time and a nagging thought crosses your mind: can you jump over the puddle, schoolbag and all? The dichotomy between the hope of flight, however fleeting and momentary, and the constant burden on your shoulders tires you.
You turn and head home; the mundanity of gravity has won today.

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