New Media Anne-alogy

<a href="" title="Photo on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Anne at Breakfast" class="img-right" /></a>Faith, Anne and I were having breakfast downstairs this morning. After a few mouthfuls of toast and a few spoonfuls of soft-boiled egg Anne decides to grab a spoon and help herself to the egg. She's not really making great progress, but manages to smear her face with egg. Things get a little messy and we end up using half a pack of tissue paper to clean up the mess.
A train of thought ensued:
<ol><li>Maybe we should buy toy utensils so Anne could play with them and practice feeding herself without the mess of splattered food.</li><li>What if she associates all utensils with play? That'd make a heck of a scene in a restaurant.</li><li>Should we stop her from playing with utensils altogether?</li><li>But it's a necessary skill that comes with growing up.</li><li>Maybe she already is old enough to feed herself real food, and there's no need for the plastic toys.</li></ol>
This was, in my own opinion, a perfect analogy of the decisions the Singapore government have before them with regards to online publishing. Are they going to take a sandbox approach? They would have to realise that online publishing has and will continue to step into mainstream media. Will they clamp down on it with an iron fist? This would definitely stifle the maturity of Singaporeans and cause a mass exodus of the slightly more intellectually adventurous.
But the big question is, are we mature enough we feed ourselves?
Anne, with a face full of egg, thinks she is.

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