The Advent of the Professional Blogger

Wait a minute, they've been around for ages, you say.
Yes we have the <a href="">Dooces</a>, <a href="">Kottkes</a> and <a href="">Andrew Sullivans</a>, but blogging isn't a mainstream occupation. Yet.
I do foresee it becoming a "real" job in the very near future.
First off, bloggers need to realise that no one in their right minds will ever pay you to write whatever you want. Companies and organisations will only pay you to write what they want. It's very simple, but somehow this message gets lots in the whole "but this is my blog" argument. The guy who pays the bills calls the shots.
This era of online publishing has empowered even the technologically clueless, giving them the power to reach the masses. Where it used to take a medium-sized agency to produce a publication that would reach a significant audience, a small team or even an individual is now able to do so.
The blogger for hire will be an option for companies who need to reach the masses, or who are currently paying too much for too little. Depending on your budget, you will be able to employ a blogger who is able to write, take photographs, create videos, soundbites, design webpages or work a layout for a print publication. The cost of mass communication has fallen, and the selling point these days is immediacy and honesty.
Advertisers are mercenary folks who consider selling ice to eskimos the highest compliment they can give their peers. Evangelists are advertisers who drank your company's kool-aid. They believe in your product and endorse the values of your company. Evangelists are the best advertisers you can ever have, especially the ones not on your payroll.
How does all this tie in? Where once you needed a large enough group of evangelists to make a difference (think <a href="">Apple</a>), now you just need a small group skilled enough to herd the masses. The tipping point has shifted and is now more accessible, especially to smaller companies who live by their product and not their annual advertising budget.

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