Question or Answer?

One stop FAQ solutions like <a href="">Flexanswer</a> are gaining ground. The one question, from an information point of view, is where do FAQs begin and where do webpages end? These solutions sell themselves as content management systems capable of manipulating databases of thousands upon thousands of frequently asked questions. They have search engine solutions that allow the user to find the specific answer to the question they have in mind.
Shouldn't every page of information, every paragraph, or even every sentence you publish on the web address a question someone might ask? Every sentence, or phrase is either a question, or a statement. I see that the question – answer is probably what the atom or the molecule is: the smallest unit of conversation. While the FAQ solutions try not to position themselves as content management systems per se, could we eventually see a CMS for people that love to micromanage?
Every phrase like &ldquo;FAQ solutions try not to position themselves as content management systems per se&rdquo; could be flagged as an answer to a list of possible questions. It would take a tremendous amount of discipline to generate content with such a metadata structure, but the model would seem to hold water on sites where data integrity and accuracy are paramount. If the answer to a question were changed, an update could be carried out on the admin module and the specific sentence or phrase in the website would be updated.
It might be hard to change an answer without affecting its phrasing, for changing its phrasing may be a shift that renders the parent sentence incoherent or grammatically incorrect. But there'd be freakazoids out there who might take particular well to this level of micromanagement.
I think they're called librarians.

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