Dell Hell

Dell <a href="">sucks eggs</a>. They were great back in 2000 when they weren't such a big outfit, providing me with replacement speakers before having me send back the defective unit so I wouldn't miss a second of music. The goodwill's all lost now.
I ordered a Dell monitor, which I hear are kickass products. I'm working on a 13" screen right now, so you can appreciate how psyched I am to give my eyes a break and move to a 24". Dell sends me the confirmation email on the same day I ordered the monitor. When I go to their website to check on the status of my order, they listed my order date as the <strong>9th</strong>. Ok, so they just sneakily added 3 days to my wait. The delivery date is the 15th. I don't like the additional wait, but I can handle it.
So today I pop into the office, cleared up my desk to make space for the behemoth that would be hooked up to my Macbook. I check on the order status again to see if the monitor is making its way up the elevator.
Holy crap. They changed the delivery date to the 20th of November. No apology. No reasons given. No notification. Friggin' dell.
Needing someone to air my complaints to, I look for a number to call. The contact number that came with the confirmation email does not exist. Their website has an "email customer service" but no phone number, except for an automated track your order phoneline. No customer service reps there, and the delivery date is still the 20th.
I knew I should have followed my gut and bought the Apple Cinema Display. Dell, I once believed in you, but you've really let me down.

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