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Given that I read all my news online and our beloved Straits Times believes in charging for online content, I gleaned this from <a href="">Jeff's Blog</a>:
<blockquote><h4>Opposition MPs 'naive' to expect upgrading funds</h4>
<p>Offers of upgrading in opposition wards were part of a slew of policies proposed by People's Action Party candidates during the General Election, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan said yesterday.</p>
<p>But as voters rejected the PAP's candidates, it was 'naive' of Mr Chiam See Tong (Potong Pasir) and Mr Low Thia Khiang (Hougang) to now expect the Government to give them the funds for upgrading, he added…</p>
<p>Yesterday, Minister of State (National Development) Grace Fu… made the point – reiterated by Mr Mah – that the PAP's upgrading offer was part of a larger package of policies which the ruling party offered to voters.</p>
<p>'The electorate in Potong Pasir has obviously not supported that and therefore they should not stand to benefit from any surpluses that are generated from that suite of policies,' she said.</p></blockquote>
During the elections I thought it was highly questionable for the <abbr title="People's Action Party">PAP</abbr> to offer voters packages from the nation's coffers even though they were and were likely to continue being the ruling party.
To deny Singapore citizens who live in constituencies not under <abbr title="People's Action Party">PAP</abbr> governance the funds to upgrade their estate shows the petty character of those in charge.
Did these people opt out of paying taxes? Don't they pay their dues like everyone else and be entitled to the same level of welfare? Must everyone bend over and kiss the toes of the <abbr title="People's Action Party">PAP</abbr> before they can be given what they already paid for?
The government exists to look after the welfare of its people. <abbr title="People's Action Party">PAP</abbr> clearly does not.

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