Get a clue

The <a href="">sales of music via the internet has doubled in 2006</a>. It is now a $2b (USD) market.
<blockquote><p>But the rise, which represents 10% of all sales, has not reached the music companies' "holy grail" of offsetting the fall in CD sales.</p>…<p><abbr title="International Federation of the Phonographic Industry">IFPI</abbr> chairman John Kennedy said: "The pace of transformation in our industry is breathtaking, but at the moment the holy grail is evading us.</p></blockquote>
I think it's about time someone told the music industry to take the holy grail and shove it. Back in the "good old days" we were forced by buy loads of crappy music from them because they packaged 1 good song in CDs which had 20 songs. We had to pay for the other 19 which we <strong>did not want</strong>.
Music executives, the "good old days" are over. Please understand that just because you ripped us off before, it doesn't mean we'll let you do it again.

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