Jumping Hurdles

I'm dog-tired, but in a happy way. It's been a good week for web standards in Singapore. I gave a talk at <a href="">Opera Software's Web Standards Conference</a> alongside mobile web extraordinaire <a href="">Michael Smith</a> who fascinated me to no end with what he could do with the <a href="">Opera Browser</a>.
I'm a believer.
Just a few hours ago we had the <a href="">first Web Standards Group meetup</a>. It totally rocked. The geek vibe was definitely there. Talent met ideas; I actually had to shoo people out of the auditorium at 10pm.
The question quite a number of people asked was, "so when's the next meetup?"
I take that as a compliment – that the meetup went well.
Soon as I get my strength back. I promise.

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