Best Buy Sucks

So you go to your local Best Buy, ready to fork out $1200 for that gigantic high-definition television set you saw advertised on their website. You've done your research, and Best Buy's deal is the lowest on the market by a good $200. You walk up to the salesperson and happily proclaim, "$1200 for the television please!".
"But maam, the sale ended 3 days ago."
"That can't be right, I just checked it this morning."
"Let's go to one of the internet terminals we have to verify."
He brings you to one of the many computers in the store connected to the internet and pulls up the webpage. Sure enough, the sale has ended, and the television now costs $1450.
Since you're already there and have wasted enough of the young man's time, you end up buying the television. It's close enough to market price anyway.
Now Best Buy has <a href=",0,5198012.column?coll=hc-utility-local">admitted to having a secret website</a> which is <strong>different</strong> from the one it puts up on the internet. It looks exactly the same, except for the prices. This website is used by its sales guys to show you that you are mistaken; that the sale has ended.
That you were the idiot who didn't clear your cache / read the small print / hit refresh.
I used to love Best Buy, but the knife stuck in my back really itches.

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