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Dearest Faith,
it has dawned on me that you are not the same woman I married almost 4 years ago, or the same girl I fell in love with when I was 11. Things have changed since then.
We have changed.
We're the parents of a precocious 2 year old girl whom we both love dearly. We have our own home, do our own laundry, pay our own bills, establish our own routines. You always beam the most wondrous smile whenever I come home – whether from work or a ball game. Over the last few years you've patiently loved me while I dealt with my hyper-thyroidism; you supported me while I tried my hand at starting and growing my own business and guided me gently as I took up the responsibilities of being a new father.
You're not the girl I fell in love with – you've far exceeded every romantic notion I've ever conjured of what married life with you would be like. You've blossomed into such a beautiful soul I often find myself overwhelmed by the privilege of being your husband and sharing your life.
Thank you for loving me.

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