Dim-witted Stereotype

At the <a href="">iX Conference 2007</a> this morning, Mr Chan Yeng Kit, the <abbr title="Chief Executive Officer">CEO</abbr> of <a href=""><abbr title="Infocom Development Authority">IDA</abbr></a> reassured us that the "buzz" was back in the <abbr title="Information Technology">IT</abbr> industry by showing us increasing student enrollment in computer-related courses.
<a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="400" height="266" alt="Slides from IDA with Bright Students as a category" class="img-center" /></a>
What on earth is a "bright student"? And even if you did have some criteria for it, what makes you think the others aren't bright? I take offense at the stupid generalisation.
Now <a href="">please, get out of my elitist, uncaring face</a>.

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