Fruit Flies Like a Banana

We got married 4 years ago to the day. Some of you were there – even some whom I've never met but read this blog and managed to find someone who knew where the wedding was.
It seemed like the perfect ending to a beautiful story; childhood sweethearts who got together, weathered extended periods of being apart and finally getting married. I must admit that the desire to marry Faith was a large part of my life, and when we crossed that juncture there was this amazing feeling, that everything felt right. What has transpired then? What happens after happily ever after?
The last four years of being married has been a whirlwind of activity and we've been swept up in it. We got our own place, and the never-ending housework that entails. I've changed jobs and battled hyper-thyroidism. And we've been blessed to have had Anne in our lives the last 2 years.
What is probably regrettable is that we lost sight of the game plan.When we got married, I <a href="">chose the verse Colossians 1:18 for the theme of our wedding</a>.
<blockquote>"that in all things He might have the preeminence."</blockquote>
In the design of the wedding invitation I used a montage of the activities of daily living, found in the book of Ecclesiastes. We acknowledge that these things, like sowing and harvesting, constitute a large part of life, but we wanted all these to come under God's own direction and leading. That in all of life, He might have the supremacy.
It's been hard to remember that. Yes, there've been a lot of things to do and so on, but there's a worldliness that has crept in. It's taken four years, but I realise now that I cannot do this. I cannot be the spiritual head of my family.
The song of Keith Green, written to his son Josiah, goes,
<blockquote>Oh my son, I am only a brother<br />
For a sister God gave me your mother</blockquote>
I realise now that I need to step aside. I need to stop leading and start following. I am not the breadwinner of the family, and should stop thinking that I need to provide "more". Jesus provides everything, and Himself is everything that we need.
It's tempting to sit down and draft a game plan on how we're going to put God in the centre of our lives. But really, all we need to do is stop occupying the spot.
I am yours, Lord. We are all yours.

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