Roll Over

It's important to have a good doctor, especially one for the precious kiddo.
There was this one time Anne was ill and our doctor was closed. We went to the clinic next to his. The doctor prescribed antibiotics. It came in powder form and you had to mix it with water. It smelt like rotten eggs. Anne never drank a drop of the smelly stuff, and it took us many months to undo her phobia of medicine.
Doctor Michael Lee at Spring Clinic (Old Airport Road if you're interested) won over Anne's heart by bribing her with stickers and a little toy hammer that squeaked. The best part about it is the medicine that tastes great. I know there's a danger that Anne'll think it's syrup and what-not, but honestly, trying to get a child to drink a putrid-smelling concoction is a sure way down the road of absolute frustration.
So, medicine tastes nice. Anne naturally asks for some from time to time. We explain that medicine can only be taken when she's ill.
She looks at us, rubs her tummy and says, "I think…I'm not well".
We laugh our heads off. Anne giggles.
She's not even two and a half years old.

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