Alone Time

The moment we landed Faith had to rush off for Tom and Dawn's wedding. We decided to have Anne sit out the wedding as she wasn't 100%. It was the considerate thing to do as there were other kids at the wedding who might contract whatever she was having.
It's been forever since I've explored a new place with a companion in tow. When Min came to Tucson, I've had already been there a year. When I visited Min in New York earlier this year, she'd already been there a while. So here we were, Anne and I, discovering Auckland for ourselves.
<a title="Anne in a pram in Auckland" href=""><img src="" class="img-right" /></a>Thank God she was amenable to the idea of sitting in her pram. Carrying her would have torn my arms off, especially now that she weighs a hefty 11kg. We set out twice that day – the room at the hotel was a little too boring and you could only watch <em>so many</em> re-runs of Barney, even for Anne.
We walked around downtown a bit, then found a pram-friendly way into Albert Park. Anne was asleep by now, but I was really enjoying the park. The foliage was a little more "raw" than Singapore's Botanical Gardens. Trees were allowed to grow low-hanging branches which made for great climbing. It also helped that the weather was a lot cooler and less humid. The air was nice and crisp. The kiddo was asleep.
Oh yeah. It was here I realised why people buy those $400 prams – the ones that have inflatable tires, suspension systems and all that. The inclines in Auckland are crazy steep, the pathways not always baby-butt smooth. Anne's Sungei-road pram held its own, but only because Anne was almost totally comatose.After our second outing, which also saw her concuss in her pram, I failed to find a good takeaway dinner for Anne and decided to cook up some dinner. I boiled her some glass noodles and topped it off with some corned beef. She asked for Faith every once in a while, but I assured her that Faith would be coming back. That made her feel sufficiently secure.
We also played endless rounds of make-believe. By this time I was half-asleep, worn out by my efforts on <a href="">yesterday's flight</a>. I "drove" her to school a few dozen times. Her teacher was always giving her presents in those make-believe scenarios. That's a little slice of heaven.
She's now calling for me to go to bed. I think I'll join her.

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