Be Laboured

There's a chill you get when the air-conditioning's too cold. It's an unnatural chill. When it's cold out, the cold feels liberating; everything is crisp and fresh. Not so with the cold that comes with refrigeration. It chills to the core, as if the inside of your bones were ice-cold.
It lasted for hours even after I left the office. It's been like this for a while, and it drains me. Tracing back, I think it comes from exhaustion – I had an extremely tight deadline moved back 4 months. While the extra time was welcome, it felt like having a sprint turned into a marathon just before the finish line. There's little left in the tank but a whole long way to go.
The ball game's different when things are for the long haul. Where the other cogs I needed to get in place were once responsive, the time extension has put everything in a freeze. The sense of urgency is gone. The adrenaline rush has worn out. The river turns into a glacier.
Cold. I feel cold.

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