It's extremely common for Singaporean families to hire domestic helpers from neighbouring countries like Indonesia or the Philippines. They keep homes spick and span, cook the meals, look after children or the elderly. It has come to a point most middle-class families can't imagine life without one.
Many people have asked us if we were thinking of hiring help, especially now that we have number 2 on the way. An extra pair of hands is a tempting proposition. We spend a fair chunk of our weekend on housework , and our pad isn't as organized as we'd like.
But there's something to be said about doing it yourself. I tell myself that I'd like Anne the basic tenets of family living – that toys do not miraculously fly back to their shelves, or floors do not clean themselves. That keeping the home clean is the responsibility of the family.
We had a great time doing housework together this morning. After a few months of nausea, Faith finally felt well enough to tackle some cleaning. It was good to have by my side; her presence makes work feel light. It comforted me to see her on her feet – her nausea was a burden she has had to bear on her own.
So much to thank God for.

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