Practically everyone is predicting the coming baby to be a boy, simply because Faith's pregnancy this time round brings about very different "symptoms". "Oh it must be a boy…" goes the chime. Just because I've the rebellious streak in me, I'm going to say the baby's a girl.
The scan isn't until December, but I read somewhere that the father decides the gender of the baby. So here I am, deciding. Girl.
Faith and I were sitting around the other day thinking of baby names, as most expecting parents are wont to do. If you haven't already guessed, we like short names, simple ones. Where many kids now sport frankensteined names like Shauntinice, we'd like to give our kids a head-start by having them be the first in class to know how to spell their name.
For almost all of Faith's childhood, I remember adults coming up to her and asking "so where's hope?", an overused har-har on the clichéd Christian phrase "Faith, Hope and Love". Faith's sister happens to have the word "love" in her Chinese name, so all hope is lost.
If we named the next kiddo Hope, what of Anne?
"Faith Anne Hope". Heh.

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