Faith told me that when I left the house last night to play ball, Anne went to the front door, crestfallen that I had left without her. She then started to cry silently. When she went to bed she broke into sobbing "I want Daddy".
I came home late, oblivious to what had transpired when I was away.
Anne seemed to be having problems sleeping, endlessly tossing and turning. When I finally got to bed at two, the little girl sat straight up, looked in my direction and said "Daddy come home". Besides the obvious need to teach her proper grammar, I realized how needed I was in her life, and although we sometimes think the kiddos are distracted enough for us to slink away to our own activities, being a parent is a full-time, all-the-time commitment. I'm not saying that I'll never play ball again, but I felt that I should have stayed.

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