Slim Hope, Fat Chance

Thank you for all your concern. I took half a day off last Friday, and I feel better for it.
Having just turned 30, it was mandatory for me to update my identity card. The photo of my 12 year old self on the old one is highly embarrassing. Even more so when my own daughter – my flesh and blood! – always points to it and says "Aunty". Testosterone kicked in later, thank God.
I also managed to catch Beowulf. Despite the use of cutting-edge motion-capture technology and a gadzillion rendering engines, technology on its own will never reproduce the semblance of <em>life</em>. In Beowulf there was a noticeable void in the eyes of its characters. Whenever eye contact was to be made, I could instinctively sense the emptiness of an inanimate, lifeless object. Similarly, Madame Tussauds' can make something look lifelike, but not completely. It requires a certain effort on our part – our imaginations need to make up for the lack.
In other news, Faith went for a scan this morning. There's an 80% chance that #2's a boy. Hope just went out the window I guess.
I've never been very good at boy names. All my gadgets are named after women.

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