Full Rack

We just got home from the Children's hospital. Anne started shivering badly (not epileptic fits) at about 2 in the morning. Upon arrival at the hospital she registered a 40.1 degree fever. We spent the next hour and a half putting cold compresses on her forehead and neck, much to her disagreement, which she made known to all in the waiting area.
The temperature subsided and she was back to her normal self. This little girl was jumping, skipping and chatting non-stop. Oddly enough, a few other children were too. The hospital, often a last resort for parents, doesn't always tell the full story: the agonising few hours before the parents decide to go to the hospital. Oftentimes the children get well on the way there, and many get the shuteye they needed while waiting to see the doctor.
Our ordeal tonight looks to be over for the most part. Thank God she's fine.

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