Man Enough

The scans confirmed that number 2 going to be a boy. Faith and I are a little overwhelmed at the thought – we've only ever had sisters and a daughter. I've always been a little harder on guys. I notice that while taking care of the kids in church.
Although girls engage in frivolous stuff like painting their nails and brushing their hair, boys do genuinely stupid things that result in people (mostly themselves) getting hurt. They'll be climbing, kicking, punching, making a lot of noise, high from the nail-polish fumes coming from the girls' corner.
The only experience I have bringing up a boy is my own childhood, and it's the furthest thing I'd recommend to any parent of a boy. I fought my way through primary school, never did any homework and even wrote hate notes to my mother. They weren't exactly "I hate you", but snippets of 80s song lyrics that expressed my melodramatic oh-so-hurt inner child.
I wouldn't know how to deal with me, and that scares me silly.

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