Singapore Idol

Anne turns to Faith and says, "I like it when you say 'I love You, God'".
"I love You, God".
Anne then turns to me.
"Say 'I love You God'," she implores.
"I love You, God."
It was such an apt reminder from a little child; the simplest of phrases carrying the most complex expression the human heart can muster unto the most infinite and intimate Creator.
Anne looks at me with those clear eyes.
"Pray", she says.
I ask to hold her hand so that we can all pray together.
"No. Cannot pray now. God is going away." She pulls up her blanket, wears it like a toga and walks off.
I think she just conned us all. We spend the next few minutes laughing our heads off while trying to explain how she cannot play-pretend to be God.

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