It's Valentine's Day. Didn't realise it until a colleague gave our flowers to everyone in the department – an extremely sweet gesture.
Tribolum turned 8 yesterday. So much has changed since. Finished college, married Faith, begot Anne, awaiting Caleb / Ezra, moved out, became a civil servant (I still shudder at the thought).
To me the major theme of this portion of my life has been that of goodbyes. Maybe I was a fool to ever have held on to the notion that I'd never have to let go; that somehow the world would remain small enough to <em>always</em> be part of my life. The small village life does not exist in the city.
I haven't spoken to my childhood best friend in years. Many people I grew up with have moved to all corners of the earth. Though just a phone call or an email away, the distance seems unbridgeable. It is not a physical distance or a chasm created only by time, but one forged by life. Life may not bring us to the same place.
People who read my blog 8 years ago have gone on to do other things. Most were young people interested to read about my long-distance relationship with Faith. Now that we're married, that chapter is closed, and those readers too have moved on.
I guess I'm learning to enjoy the ride, and not worry whether the party I started out with rides the same sled. We'll probably bump and meet some point down the slope. I can't help wondering how everyone is though.

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