You spend your days at work, gutting it out. At the end of the day you head home for some family time and some much needed shuteye. Home's a place for rest, unless you stay near the circle line, where the management of the construction site doesn't give a hoot about whether it's 4am or 4pm.
We've had to endure this for about a month now. The station manager puts up a templatised letter in front of the lifts apologising for the inconvenience. Actually he puts up two – one to tell you he's going to work through your weekend and another to say he's going to work through your weekday nights. He changes the letters faithfully every week. We've given up hoping that the next pair of letters won't go up. They always do.
I've called the public relations lady and the station engineer. Sincere apologies and "I'll tell my management", then it quietened down for 2 days. Then it starts again. I don't mind noise much, but it's banging and clanging, construction works dropping huge metal rods every 2 minutes. I've called the police post, who basically told me that the construction is on a tight schedule, and that I should call the <a href="">NEA</a>. I feel like I'm getting the standard government run-around. Should I care if they're on a tight schedule? Should our children be denied a good night's sleep because they're behind time?
Home has become a place of dread. If the policeman tells you that the corporation's operations are worth more than your rights to a relatively quiet weekend or night, who do we turn to? Maybe <a href="">my MPs</a>? Not sure if any of them even live in the area they're in charge of.

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