Relationship Recalibration

Life's been a little crazy around here lately. The new Ministry of Education site is due for launch very soon, so moving those huge cogs to fall into place is a full-time job and then some. On the home front, we're busy preparing for the arrival of baby Caleb.
He's called Caleb because Caleb was the first name to go on our list, and Anne refuses any other suggestion. So there Caleb, your sister's stubborness named you.
All these million-and-one things to do makes me a little irritable as my brain constantly sorts out the next few moves. What to do, who to talk to, shelving aside good ideas that aren't so urgent but mentally bookmarking them so I remember to revisit them. As the to-do list grows longer, I get snappier as I don't have the luxury of sitting back and strategising. The never ending tirade of <strong>doing</strong> buffets me, wave after wave after wave.
Just realised that I typed "wave after wave after wave" with only my left hand. Do you do the same?
I digress.Point is, just the other day Faith comes up to me with more baby stuff to do. The room needs cleaning, the cot needs assembling and many things need to be bought. At this time I'm completely drained, just hoping to have some time to chill but having to send yet another reminder email to the authorities to get back to me on the <a href="">noise issue</a>.
I add the tasks to my mental to-do list, and I murmur. Murmur as in the biblical sense of the word – the type of murmuring that caused God to open up the earth and swallow the Israelites whole. It was a disgruntledness. I became upset with Faith at every little thing.
I feared the revenge of my thyroid, but hormones weren't solely to blame.
As I lay beside her in bed, she told me how immobile she felt at this late stage of her pregnancy. I apologised for not loving her the manner I ought. I had clean forgotten that she bore the weight of our second child alone. I told her that I felt she took me for granted, and that she'd get better results if she communicated that she needed my help, rather than dumping a list of to-dos. She's always been the more practical of the two of us, and I the more emo.
We smiled, laughed and prayed. Reconciliation is such a blessing from God.

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