After more than a year of carrying my child, the <a href="">Ministry of Education website</a> is finally alive.
Quite a few people have come up to me, patted me on the back and said "thank goodness that's over, huh." I'm immensely relieved that it's out because the coordination of a million moving parts wasn't an easy task at all, but a good website is one that is <strong>never</strong> done. It grows, evolves, gets better with age.
In the 2 days that it's been live, I've restructured information, tweaked font-sizes for the printer stylesheets, made some things more apparent and some things less so, all based on the feedback I've received from people using the site. I'm glad the site is finally free of the encumbrance of the rather immobile content-management system it was chained to.
The best part about the launch thus far has been interacting with real people who use the site. I've managed to turn comments, suggestions and complaints into real action on the website, and a number of these users were delighted to see their needs met almost immediately. We've been working on fictional personas, and it's not the same. Now when your users are living, breathing people, the website really lives up to its intended purposes of serving its community.

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