Pooh Bear

Faith brought Caleb to the doctor's for his medical examination. At one month old, he weighs 4.6kg. He was 2.75kg at birth. That's a 70% increase. Scary.
A few moments ago, he deposited a significant amount of that weight into his diaper. Where <a href="">Anne craps like a World War 2 sniper</a>, Caleb simply lays down the law. I'm sure he changed the total amount of matter in the universe with that last poop.
Oh, the other difference between boys and girls: pee is now omni-directional. Every diaper change is a potential hosing down of the changing surface, your clothes and the car in the garage.
<a href="" title="Photo by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" class="img-center" alt="Clothes Caleb and Anne peed on, washed and hung to dry" /></a>
That's the washing and rinsing we've had to do yesterday night. Caleb hit the sheets twice, and Anne didn't make it to the toilet bowl on time.

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