Second Thoughts

Taking care of Caleb, Faith and I remember how it was taking care of Anne.
We were first-time parents, driven close to insanity by a <a href="">child that refused to sleep</a>.
We've done a lot of things differently with Caleb. For starters, he sleeps in his own room. Anne continues to occupy our bedroom. As our bedroom and Caleb's room is quite far apart, Faith and I have taken to sleeping in the living room. I run the age-old joke about how I finally get a television set in my bedroom.
We're also a lot more structured when it comes to Caleb. Where we carried Anne whenever she cried, we're quite ok with having Caleb holler for a little bit before attending to him. He's learned to amuse himself lying down and falls asleep on his own. He drinks a whole lot more milk than Anne ever did, hammering 100mls each feed on his first week. Anne took 40mls for many months.
There's so much to thank God for. Anne's growing up so quickly. It's beautiful to watch her and talk to her as you would an adult. Looking after Caleb has become a family affair, and Anne is as indispensable a part as any of us. She'd run in whenever Caleb's awake, pat him on the head and say "Baby Caleb, you're so cute!"

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