Faith and I have been married 5 years. Half a decade, two amazing kids and a pretty messy home. What a ride.
I had meant for it to be special. I did. I wanted a short vacation away, and it was only at the last minute before booking I realised Caleb didn't have a passport. Thoughts of flowers, spas and romantic dinners crossed my mind, but the bustle of everyday life washed it clean away.
So I was there, stroke of midnight, receiving a present from Faith, empty-handed. The day of the anniversary passed with Faith going back to work and I looking after baby Caleb. She came home that evening and I was still empty-handed. She was naturally a little upset that I had not made the effort to make the day special, but reassured me constantly that it wasn't a big deal. Her present was nothing short of wow, by the way.
Typing this out now I realise how big a numbskull I am for not doing anything special. She has put up with me for 5 whole years, for crying out out. It may sound like a cop out, but I love her tremendously every single day I've been with her, and it becomes hard to "step it up" for the special occasions.
I didn't have to play it big. A simple card would have made her day, and I didn't even do that.

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