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<a href=""></a> was a kind of guilty necessity. We'd rail about how they made us pay for maps, and cheered when Singapore Land Authority hammered them for us, but SLA's provision of <a href="">Singapore maps</a> was lacking. It's pretty good for a gahmen site, but in these parts it's like an able-bodied man coming in first at the paralympics. I should know, I run one of these gahmen puppies.
But I digress. We still crawled back to Streetdirectory in the dead of night, because that was the only way to get bus information. <a href="">SBS</a>'s journey planner does a terrible job at helping us get from point A to point B. We needed Streetdirectory like we needed pocket money from an abusive parent.
Needed. Until now.
<a href=""></a> rocks. And I don't mean conceptually – it rocks <strong>right now</strong>. You can change your destination by dragging markers on the map, and the bus route is changed dynamically. How cool is that!
Sure, the trains could be brought in to make a better journey planner, but that's a small gripe. My main suggestion to Dominic who runs is this: Pair with <a href="">Singeo</a>. We don't need 2 kickass Singaporean web guys cannibalising each other. A partnership would really bring the house down.
An example of how clued in Dominic is: I <a href="">twittered how much I liked</a> yesterday, and Dominic emailed me out of the blue to thank me for the tweet and also cited my work at <a href="">MOE</a>. That's savvy customer relationship building for you.

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