What would you say to her?

In the inaugural issue of <a href=""></a>, we reflect on the following question:
"What would you write to Singapore if she were a person?"
A 20 year old, identified only as "Zing", wrote what I think is amazingly insightful.
<blockquote>But I'm not trying to make you something you're not, I'm really not. I'm just trying to make you see that you're more than dollar signs. You're more than people just scraping by, dreaming of money and five-star hotels. You're a hell of a lot more than just a good air-conditioning system. You're everybody, not just the dream citizen; you're the Malay kids skipping school, hanging out at Peninsula Plaza in black jeans and trucker caps. You're the unemployed kopitiam uncle with his songbirds. You're the schoolgirl holding hands with her classmate, hoping the teacher doesn't see. You're every one of them, but for some reason you just won't acknowledge this. You like to hold on to this idea of you being this clean, perfectly efficiently city, when really it's the dirt that makes you who you are.</blockquote>
Read her whole letter and many others at <a href=""></a>. Better yet, write and submit your own.

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