Flight on Singapore Airlines 38

I've flown the Singapore-United States route quite a bit. After my first near-death experience flying Garuda, I grew wiser to the fact that some things are worth paying a little extra for. Yes I'm probably exaggerating, but during the Garuda flight we were all unsure if the plane would take off in one piece. Plus it took 30 hours to get to LA, by which time a quarter of our family vacation was over.
My preference is towards our own Singapore Airlines, and this time round I had the opportunity to fly the non-stop executive economy flight to LA, SQ38 out of Terminal 3. A short exploration of Terminal 3 revealed a <a href="">free movie theatre</a>! I sat there waiting for my flight while watching Hilary Swank in a movie I've never seen.
Singapore Airlines impresses. After liftoff we had <a href="">Doritos with sundried tomato dip</a>. I had a <a href="">Singapore Sling and a cup of pineapple juice</a>. It was my first time tasting a Singapore Sling…nice!
<a href="" title="On SQ38 by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" alt="On SQ38" class="img-center" /></a>
There's something magical about flights. The lights are dimmed. Everything you need is in that small enclosed space. It's probably why a lot of people hate flying. I wouldn't take a longer flight than I have to, but the feeling of heading towards a destination different from where you came adds that little electricity in the air.

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