Free Circus

Watched <a href="">KA by Cirque du Soleil</a> at the MGM Grand a few moments ago. I wanted to just pop by the theatre to see if they had any offers for tickets that came available due to last minute cancellations. I stood last in a pretty long "Stand by" line, and I overheard the counter staff say that the show was sold out.
Then they asked if there were any single individuals waiting in line. 3 of us put up our hands and the first guy got to purchase that open ticket. Then a young man came up to me and said "I have a ticket". I asked him how much it was, but he said he'd give it to me for free. He was part of a bachelor party, he explained. Why he couldn't watch the show was still unexplained to me. He told me to say hi to his friends already in the theatre, which I did.
And that's how I got the $170 ticket for free.
The show? Well, I think I need to watch shows that actually use language. All the interpretive moments are really lost on me. The only thing that impressed me was the athleticism and coordination of the performers.

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