Point of No Return

Many of you who have been reading Tribolum for some time have probably read how I've railed against the government for this thing and that. It has been an interesting journey towards the realisation that I've been a civil servant for what, 3 years now.
I do not think I've compromised on some of the things I believe in, like guarding against our nation's tendency towards an elitist-everyone-else class structure, or that the government should be held under greater independent scrutiny. But I will admit that working here has changed me somewhat, and I hope that those of you who know me, I mean really know me, will keep me in check. Help me continue to fight to better things for everyone, especially in my specialised scope of online services.
In the grander perspective of things, I've changed as well. Where once I'd snigger about how <a href="">Singapore's Olympic Silver medalists</a> are all foreign imports, I now realise that they have every right to be as Singaporean as I am. Being born in a country doesn't make me more worthy of her; it is the willingness to identify with her shared destiny, to partake in her victories and her failures. To actively participate in making her the best she can be. It is far too easy to ask others to step up and then blame the government if no one does.
I've met many in the government who truly want to change things for the better and deserve more than armchair criticism. They, like our fellow Singaporean paddlers, need support.
Not all paths are smooth, some are rough but well worth the travel.

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