Real Authentic Fare

<a href="" title="Gary Vaynerchuk at New Media Expo 2008 by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" class="img-center" alt="Gary Vaynerchuk at New Media Expo 2008" /></a>
<a href="">Gary Vaynerchuk</a>'s keynote at the <a href="">New Media Expo</a> here in Las Vegas wasn't particularly illuminating, but reiterated the principles which we all know.
People want authentic content. Consumers are tired of corporate speak. They are tired of companies and organisations spamming them with perfectly edited copies and hiding behind a mask of disconnectedness. "Why else do they watch reality TV?", Gary hammers home, almost shouting.
Points he brought up:
<ul><li>Produce authentic content. Have less, or no editing.</li>
<li>Care about your community. Answer every email. Be thankful they took time off their lives to read, watch or listen to your content.</li>
<li>If you're wrong, apologise. Everyone loves people who can admit their mistakes. If you're right but someone else says you're wrong, correct them gently.</li>
<li>You are not going to be defined by the content you produce. You will be defined by the universe, and what they think of you. The ship has sailed – you can no longer control the message.</li>
<li>Focus on what you're good at. It helps prevent burning out.</li>
<li>There is no niche too small. Dominate it. Know who the players are and dominate the space.</li></ul>

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