Stepping Back

Maybe Faith is right in that there seems to be a need within me to be alone.
Here, thousands of miles away in Tucson, I retrace the steps I took in college while watching videos of Anne and Caleb on Flickr. It has given me time to fully appreciate where God has taken me. His blessings are truly more than anything I could have dreamed up or wanted.
I spent most of yesterday visiting my <a href="">old haunts in School</a>. Where I watched my first basketball game, my first viewing of a planetary object, my first hail storm…Tucson has been a place of many firsts.
Many things have changed here. The university has become a little more commercial and less bohemian. Classrooms are named after corporate sponsors. Open fields are not entrances to underground computer labs. Again I'm confronted with the reality that things change. Nothing is ever the same.
Dinner with Jonathan Louie last night reminded me of how long I had been gone. Mutual friends have gotten married, some are new parents. Many of moved to other cities. Teenagers I knew have graduated from college. I, too have changed. I'm a husband and a father. I'm coming to grips that I'm a public servant, and it's time to change what that means, rather than shudder at the thought of what it connotes.
It's been a good time to rethink things.

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