Little Tomato

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Anne had her second school concert this morning, where she played the part of a tomato in a presentation of a vegetable soup song.
It has been a year since <a href="">Anne's first public performance</a>. Back then, she stopped performing when she saw us in the crowd in order to point out to her friends who her parents were. This morning, she told us that she'd be pointing at us again. I wasn't quite sure if part of her dance required her to point, or she was determined to do a repeat. I told her to concentrate on the choreography she was required to perform.
In order not to distract her, I shot the video of her performance from the side of the stage. She was the one of the few kids who actually focused on doing the required actions. She did catch a glimpse of me midway, and yes you can see her pointing at me on the video, but she goes back to doing her actions pretty seamlessly.
She carried out her task well, but I can't help but feel that she lacked a joy that came with the spontaneity of throwing all plans away and enjoying the moment. I know that it is part of education to develop our children to perform pre-defined tasks, but I also believe strongly that workers ought to enjoy their work – like it were play.
It's been a year, and she's grown up so much. I hope we'll be able to protect the spark of individuality and spontaneity in her.
She's not a clockwork orange. She's a tomato. Organic.

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