Out of the Box

Anne, like most children her age, throws tantrums when things do not go her way. One thing she does is threaten to "throw away" the obstacles that stand in her way.
For example, if she wasn't allowed to go swimming because of the rain, she'd say "I'll throw away the rain! Then it won't rain anymore!", complete with imaginary hand gestures.
Just the other night she had wanted to watch <a href="">Oswald</a>, but I explained to her that it was too late to be watching telly. She threw a small tantrum, and then uttered her signature phrase, "I'll throw away…I'll throw away…"
"You'll throw away…what?", I taunted. The concept of time was intangible. You can't throw away <em>lateness</em>.
"I'll throw away the moon, and put up the sun!"
I was shocked. Just when I thought I had her checkmated, her little brain found a physical representation of late night and used the metaphor correctly. I was outwitted by a 3-year old, and felt oddly proud of being her dad.
And no, she still didn't get to watch Oswald.

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