It seems the fashionable answer, when someone asks you when you'll start having children, to casually comment on the sorry state of the world and how you can't imagine bringing a child into this mess. But a world without children is far worse off. A world without the sound of children's laughter or innocent questions only leads to a downward spiral.
Anne has been trying hard to clarify the definition of the word "neighbour". She often asks, "is he my neighbour?" or "are we neighbours?" without realising that her very question is the linchpin of Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan (<a href=";&version=47;">Luke 10</a>). It is such an apt question as we step into what looks to be a serious recession ahead. It is also apt as the uncle who stays alone next door to us seems to have taken a turn for the worse healthwise.
I ought, like Anne, to constantly ask who my neighbour is, and how I can help him or her.

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