Wanting to Fly

Anne asked for a pair of wings last night. Not a pair of bird wings covered with feathers, but the girlier ones – the fairy ones.
"I want to fly real," she said.
Living in a small apartment 8 storeys from the ground, we can't help but get a little alarmed at her obsession with wanting to fly. It would be a natural reaction to explain to her that people, unlike birds, can't fly because we were never made for flying, but I would also like to be careful not to stifle possibilities.
After all, where would we be if the Wright brothers hadn't defied all odds, armed with the same vision my 3 year old daughter has?
We weren't made for a lot of things. We were made to cover great distances, achieve great speed, or dive to great depths, yet we have done all these things because the Jonathan Livingston Seagulls amongst us refused to accept the status quo.

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