There are times when you find yourself at your strength's end. Tonight, it's a general weariness from struggling with intermittent internet access at work, a body that's recovering from a short round at the gym yesterday and a bowl of fishball noodles that on retrospect, had some rather stale prawns. Bleaugh.
Caleb requires more attention than ever as he's learned how to crawl. He's already trying to stand up and do a "look dad, no hands". It scares us a little as his head has met the cold hard floor a number of times already. Anne's not taking too well to her little brother hogging her mum and dad. She gets overly affectionate towards Caleb, often forgetting that her strength and her weight could injure him.
And so tonight I came home, tiredness written over my face. I tell Faith how yucky I feel.
"Feeling tired?" she asks. "Yeah, me too."
We're both kinda burned out I guess.

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