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By My Side

<a href="" title="20090109-016 by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="160" alt="20090109-016" class="img-right" /></a>Dearest Faith,
Life has an unfortunate way of sucking us in and spiraling us about. It seems only a wink of an eye when we went from teenagers madly infatuated with each other to parents of two children. Ok, I was the one madly infatuated; but two children, can you imagine?
Sometimes we sit there, transfixed and watching our two kids transform before our eyes. It is literally a matter of days that they learn to turn, sit, crawl, stand, talk, walk, and before we know it, they have become their own persons.
But I'd like to take this short moment to turn away from the spectacle of kids and tell you how beautiful you look tonight. It's been a while since I've written to you. It's much more expedient to express my appreciation during our nightly regrouping – you from having to put Caleb to bed and I from having to answer the new and novel questions Anne comes up with before setting her head down. I'd like to write all this down as it has more permanence. That maybe when all the hustle and bustle of child-rearing is done with, we can sit down and reminisce this period of our lives.
Thanks for being by my side. Thanks for being my comrade through the nights that seem endlessly saturated with crying children, agitated fevers and dastardly coughs. Thanks for being by my side when we wake in the morning to discover God's provision of a good 4 hour stretch of sleep. Those moments are every bit as awe-inspiring as a surreal sunrise and snow-capped mountains. In Singapore. Yes they are that rare.
You know what I'm most thankful for? More than your companionship, I feel most blessed to be a witness to your life – your journey from daughter, wife and mother.
You are beautiful.

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