The Public Servant's Straight and Narrow

There's a dichotomy when it comes to what we expect of our public servants. We expect them to be:
I mean, no one wants <em>stupid</em> public servants. On an operation level, we'd like our public servants to serve us with an acceptable level of efficiency and get the job done. On a strategic level, we'd like the bigwigs to be smarter than most of us and make decisions that will help us all. So our economy will stay healthy, our children will have a bright future, we'll all find great paying jobs that we love, we can stay out without fear of being mugged and our reservist stints don't include real war.
<li><h3>An average Joe</h3>
Our public servants should be one of us. They shouldn't be sitting on an ivory tower, aloof and cold. They shouldn't be seen driving expensive sports cars. Most of all, they should be making a decent living at best – no over the top salaries that'll alienate them from the struggles the rest of us face on a day to day. God forbid those that make it to the top of the public sector be paid a salary similar to those at the top of the private sector.
I'll be honest here. If I have the chops to make it to the top of the public sector, I'll probably want to buy a sports car. A <a href="">Tesla Roadster</a>. Wouldn't you? If a public servant ought to emphatise with the common man, isn't he allowed to fulfill the common dreams?

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