It was only last week when I was in charge Anne's bedtime routine. I'd brush her teeth, read her a few stories and then put her to bed. Somewhere, somehow she took a preference to me doing all this and would ask Faith to "go outside please" when it was near bedtime.
Faith was initially glad for the reprieve, but as the days turned to weeks, Faith began to feel a little excluded. It's not easy to have your child ask you to leave the room so she can have an exclusive powwow with someone else.
One night, about 2 weeks ago, Anne bade Faith goodnight as she normally did. Just as Faith was about to leave the bedroom, Anne explained, "I like Daddy because he is warm. You are not warm enough." She paused for a second before adding, "but I still love you".
You wouldn't believe how much that meant to Faith at that point in time. We were thankful that this little 3 and a half year old was sensitive enough to reassure her mother that she was still very much loved. And Faith, almost ten times older in years, needed to hear those words from the kiddo.
The bedtime routine has changed this last week. Faith now handles bedtime stories because according to Anne, boys and girls shouldn't mix. She overheard me explaining this last December to a group of campers regarding dorm rooms. But she still insists that I be there to pat her back while she settles down to sleep.

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