Anne turned 4 yesterday. Caleb turned 1 today.
Life has a way of passing you by. There's the daily grind where minutes turn into hours, and yet in retrospect, it would seem that everything flew by. Our children have passed huge milestones in their lives.
We pushed Caleb's celebrations to this Saturday, which turned out to be a good thing 'cause the boy has been fighting the flu the past few days. It's amazing how quickly babies turn from needy little bundles of endless wanting to individuals with their own little idiosyncrasies and flair.
Caleb walked his first steps about a week ago.
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He's shown an affinity for putting objects together, unscrewing the tops of bottles and initiating endless rounds of peekaboo on his own (usually behind a chair or under a table).
It's a humbling experience, this parenting gig. You find yourself awestruck so much of the time as a whole person is formed before you. The big secret of it all is that the children emerge beautifully <strong>in spite</strong> of our parenting. Every parent who's honest will confess that despite our best efforts, we suck at this. Every child is different, every child pushes us to the limits and we often do not have all, or any of the answers. Yet somehow, by the grace of God, our children love us.
More than we ever deserve. And our only response is to love them back.
Blessed birthday, my little boy. Thanks for the little hugs. I need them more than I realise.

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