Day Out with Number One

<a href="" title="20090404-029 by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" class="img-right" alt="20090404-029" /></a>Faith had to work last Saturday, so I decided to take Anne to the Singapore Flyer.
Though technically 3 years of age (she turns 4 tomorrow), Anne was an amazing companion who never once complained at how far we had to walk to get to the Flyer. We took a bus to Suntec City, missed the free shuttle bus, was given wrong directions by the information counter staff, but Anne called it "a wonderful adventure".
She would break out in occasional dance, pirouetting through the cavernous halls of Marina Square. We grabbed an iced Milo along the way and it was only when her two small hands held the side of the large cup that I realised how small she was. We often take her maturity for granted, expecting her to act rationally like an adult.
Tickets to the Flyer were exorbitant, setting us back $50 for a half-hour's worth of sight-seeing. It was a pleasant experience, and we rounded off the wonderful adventure with lunch at Sizzler's with Faith, a Saturday tradition we picked up.
It would be Anne's last time eating there for free. 4 year olds pay.
Our little girl is all grown up. Yet somehow, she never really comes across as very little. She's just who she is – Anne. Our Anne.

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