Cover to Cover

Faith commented yesterday that I had photographed so many sunrises and sunsets. It hadn't occurred that explicitly to me, but it does seem that I'm obsessed with them. Just yesterday evening I had decided to take a break, tired out from travel. While driving out to get some food, I got into the car and immediately set out to photograph the sunset. It was an instantaneous decision and I found myself on the beaches of Spanish Bay.
<a href="" title="Sunset at Spanish Bay, Monterey Bay by Lucian Teo, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="333" alt="Sunset at Spanish Bay, Monterey Bay" class="img-center" /></a>
There's a certain calm about these 2 times of the day: the freshness and hope of morning and the contentedness that comes with the evening. I do not view the morning as the beginning and the evening as the end, but the other way round: the evening is when we start taking time on things that <strong>really</strong> matter, and the morning is the time we part with those we love; a transition from the things we want to do to the things we need to do.
The sunset is also a time that is both private and communal. I'd be sitting in some desolate place, and there would be a handful of like-minded souls. Some with their loved ones, others with their dogs. I bitterly loathe the fact we work such long hours in Singapore. Time with family should be an everyday affair and not confined to weekends.

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