The Story is the Product

I've been following <a href="">the NBA</a> for many years now, and most would agree that the NBA is one of the most savvy organisations when it comes to using digital media.
While most content-producers are afraid of piracy, the <a href="">NBA Youtube channel</a> puts up high-definition highlights of games. It always astounds me how clear the videos are.
My blog layout can't take the awesomeness of the full-size video. Do yourself a favour and <a href="">watch the original size on youtube</a>. Remember to click on the <abbr title="High-Definition">HD</abbr> button.
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While the NBA was arguably strict on its players' use of Twitter, <a href="">every NBA team has a twitter account</a> from which they update fans with news and even in-game statistics.
The NBA understands one thing well – the stories are larger than the individual clips. By updating us on the small things such as scores and video highlights, we are kept intrigued by large story-arcs: whether the draft class of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony will continue to dazzle; whether CP3 will bring back the dominance of the little man; or whether the global game will change the way basketball is played in the NBA.
So when <a href="">Bono advocates content tracking over the internet for policing of copyright violations</a>, he comes across as trying so hard to protect an industry that should probably relook its entire product offering. Bear in mind that Bono made a lot of money from tours. His fans buy into his story, and the experience of a live concert. Those things aren't going to be replaced by youtube clips anytime soon.
Perhaps it's time for the music-makers and storytellers to go back to basics. They sure could learn from travelling musician Josh Wilson who <a href="">lifted the spirits of passengers stranded at Newark during the lockdown</a>.
Maybe the communal sharing of stories and music should take precedence over people making grotesque amounts of money.

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